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Industry sector: Energies marines renouvelables, stockage et services

Regions: Bretagne

Contact: Vincent MARIETTE

Fonction : Directeur Général

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Phone: +33(0) 6 08 60 79 48

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A Brest-based French start-up, Guinard Energies has developed a new technology of ducted turbine dedicated to hydrokinetic power, which doubles the recoverable energy. It has been validated by DGA (Defense authorities).

The first demonstrator of 4 m diameter, 250 kW nominal power at 3.5m/s will be deployed in Brittany in 2018.

A small 4 kW hydrokinetic floating turbine is being developed in order to start industrialization.

The technology is first utilized by Guinard Energies to offer a Power Assessment Service for hydrokinetic energy projects. It provides on-site hydrokinetic power measurements and current speed measurements. This unique worldwide service takes implicit eddies and site characteristics into account to ensure project credibility. The service is available for all hydrokinetic project developers, in marine or river environments.

Power assessments were being conducted in Brittany and now Overseas.