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Since 2006, the CMF has been building a membership of businesses and organisations in the maritime economy wishing to support a trade body that defends the interests not only of its members but also the whole maritime community. It does this by an action plan centred on three main areas of activity: corporate communication, operational synergies and lobbying. Every entity and every sector of the maritime economy has a role to play, because the large number of issues arising requires the largest possible sweep of cross-sector and cross-disciplinary involvement.

What our members say about the CMF:

Philippe VALLETTE, Directeur Général de NAUSICAA :
QuoteNow that we are seeing the emergence of the "Blue Society", support for the Cluster is needed more than ever to encourage the maritime world to believe in sustainable development and to pursue success all together.
Gérard ROMITI, Président du Comité National des Pêches Maritimes et des Elevages Marins :
QuoteThe fishing sector is determined to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The solidarity and the synergies developed across sectors by the Cluster are invaluable for that task.
Amiral Bernard ROGEL, Chef d’Etat-major de la Marine nationale :
QuoteMaritime issues are part France's defense and security strategy. The CMF has a key role in explaining these issues and how they evolve. What happens at sea is vital for our future.
Jean-Bernard RAOUST, PDG de BRS :
QuoteThe gamble has paid off! In 7 years the CMF, a respected and valued representative body, has established an active maritime community seeking to demonstrate its expertise and confront the economic challenges together.
Jean-Marie POIMBOEUF, Vice-président du CORICAN :
QuoteSince it was established, the CMF has acted as a vigilant 'lookout' in an ever more complex world: a forum for dialogue, cooperation and promotion, it benefits the whole maritime community with the synergies created.
Pascal PIRIOU, PDG du Groupe PIRIOU :
QuoteThe CMF is the voice of the French maritime sector. This sector at last has found a means to make its voice heard loud and clear especially by government, and that is fundamental.
Jérôme PECRESSE, Président d’ALSTOM Renewable Power :
QuoteOn behalf of Alstom, a major player in MRE and an active member of the Cluster since 2010, I salute the decisive contribution of the CMF to the development of an expanding industry. It continues to have my complete confidence.
Bruno NICOLAS, Directeur Général de VINCI Energies France :
QuoteAn original initiative when created, the CMF has become the go-to organisation for those engaged in the French maritime economy. It is not just a networking forum, it is also a centre for action to create new business opportunities.
Frédéric MONCANY DE SAINT AIGNAN, Président de la Fédération Française des Pilotes Maritimes :
QuoteThe sea holds many challenges as well as benefits. For a really ambitious maritime vision, cooperation and consultation across sectors and between stakeholders to create synergies is crucial for our country. That's where the CMF comes in!
QuoteThe CMF has played a major role in achieving recognition for the maritime activities, essential tools for sustainable development. People and politicians now see the sea in a new light. Thanks to the Cluster!