Actions of the CMF

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Under the action plan approved by the Executive Board at a meeting on 3 July 2006, the French Maritime Cluster acts in three areas: corporate communication, operational synergies and lobbying.


The CMF has developed a vast network and makes use of social networks and professional media services to promote the maritime economy and the dynamism and calibre of its members, and to defend the strategically important interests of the sector.

  • The maritime and coastal economic conferences (Assises de l’Economie Maritime et du Littoral) are organised by le marin and the CMF, in partnership with the IFM (French Institute of the Sea). This annual gathering is the most important in Europe on maritime affairs.

These conferences provide a forum for discussion and consultation on issues related with the maritime economy, and are now an indispensable platform for professionals of the sector as well as representatives of local and central government.

  •  Brochure

A source of business information and analysis, the brochure is published annually and provides data on the maritime economy as a whole and by sector, while promoting its members and their products and services. Distributed widely and available to download, it has become THE showcase of the French maritime economy.


The CMF arranges meetings between professionals with similar problems and interests and who also share the values of the maritime world.

  • Synergy groups

Proposed by the members themselves, the synergy groups deal with key issues and concerns which cut across sectors and disciplines and which are central to their businesses. They all have an operational objective such as  making recommendations and proposals and following them through, setting up industrial consortiums, structuring industry sectors, and any other action that furthers the common objectives of maritime France.

  • Networking buffets
The networking buffets are held six to eight times a year and provide an opportunity for economic, institutional and political stakeholders to get together. With each one attended by nearly 250 participants, they encourage team spirit and mutual support across the whole sector and facilitate business dealings.


Lobbying is undertaken on behalf of members of the CMF at their request or for the benefit of the whole maritime community. Undertaken to defend and promote strategically important interests, it has earned the CMF recognition as an organisation representing the general interest of the maritime economy and as an effective defender of the particular interests of its members (when these coincide with the general interest).

  • An impartial voice

The strength of the CMF lies mainly in its impartiality: its budget does not depend on public funding and consists solely of the subscriptions of its members. This independence gives it the credibility and freedom of action essential in lobbying activities.

  • A primary point of contact for decision makers

The CMF engages permanently with government authorities in vigorous, informative and constructive dialogue. In this aspect of its work, it has helped place the maritime industries firmly on the French economic and social landscape and has been instrumental in finding solutions to some important issues.