Some examples of what the CMF does

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Large projects and industrial consortiums

  • ATALAYA: creation of the first investment fund for the maritime economy (development capital).
  • Ship self-protection: launch of an industrial consortium to develop this project given the green light and financed by ADEME as part of its programme "investing in the future".
  • Deep sea mining: creation of an industrial consortium bringing together all entities in the value chain to pursue the sustainable development of the sea's mineral resources.

Industry sector development and support

  • Marine Renewable Energy: since 2007 the CMF has launched two synergy groups which have helped to create the MRE sector: mobilisation of marine and energy sector operators, advocacy and promotion of MRE among decision makers.
  • Marine electronics: the CMF has worked towards the development of this sector which brings together electronics and IT professionals (innovative solutions for multiple applications: navigation, logistics, safety, training, etc.).

Reports (all reports can be downloaded free on our "publications" page)

  • Archéologie préventive en mer (2013) (Underwater rescue archaeology)
  • Impact du bruit en mer (2013) (Impact of noise at sea)
  • Services portuaires du futur (2013) (Future port services)
  • Enseignement maritime (2008) (Nautical education)
  • Pour une réforme portuaire (2007) (Port reform)
  •  …

In addition to these actions the CMF has frequently voiced its opinion in the media on key and sensitive issues of the sector (Law of 1992, pilot farms for MRE, armed guards aboard merchant ships, the deep sea bed, etc.).

A neutral environment

The CMF provides its members with a venue where they can meet and hold discussions in a discreet neutral setting, whether to pursue confidential issues, resolve recurrent disputes or help to alleviate sector rivalry.

Seafaring: a calling of passion!

The CMF has decided to film young professionals to encourage people to take up careers in the maritime sector.
View these clips on Youtube. Launched in 2013, these snapshots give a fascinating insight into the key skills needed throughout the economy.


The CMF is a partner of Euromaritime, the 1st European trade show to cover the whole economy of the sea. The first edition was held in February 2013. A showcase for everything the maritime sector has to offer, this European trade show is the place to find the full range of technology, innovation and activities to do with the sea.

Team Maritime France

Every year in October, the CMF organises several hundred runners and support personnel for the Paris 20km race.
All take part simply for the pleasure of running together under the same colours, and to enjoy a lively event among friends with a shared passion: the sea!