Shipping finance

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The experts appear to agree that activity in the maritime sector is recovering (rise in goods traffic), allowing a resurgence in ship building and infrastructure projects seen as having investment potential. 

While the problems with finance and overcapacity are no inconsiderable, the maritime sector must also confront a very diverse set of challenges, such as the need to invest in skills development and staff to ensure the availability of personnel in sufficient numbers to support its growth, and the obligation to provide funding solutions and new sources of finance in the face of tighter sector regulation. 

BNP Paribas

  • A portfolio of 1,500 ships for 14 billion $US 
  • 300 shipping company customers in the world among which are the top 20 in every shipping sector. 

The Shipping Finance Group covers the financial needs of shipowners worldwide. 

The Shipping Finance Group offers genuine expertise in the sector (70 staff) through the BNP Paribas international network. 

Crédit Coopératif

Crédit Coopératif finances companies operating in a wide variety of sectors. 

Its finance operations in the maritime sectors (transport, exploitation of marine resources, services, upstream network and downstream) has been an important activity of the company since 1947. Its expertise has earned it a valuable consultancy role with national authorities, notably the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and the European Commission. 

Crédit Coopératif provides financial, commercial and technical assistance to companies in the sector, either through its specialised maritime department or through its agency network in all regions. Its Sector Committee enables it to keep a close watch on developments in the sectors and to adapt its services. 

A cooperative bank, Crédit Coopératif is a member of the BPCE Group and combines the advantages of a small accessible bank with the resources of a large group. Since 2011, Crédit Coopératif has been investing in the Atalaya fund. 


Dedicated to financial engineering, INGEPAR is a subsidiary of BPCE banking Group (Banques populaires et Caisses d’Epargne). Providing shipowners with a combination of expertise in both finance and shipping, INGEPAR arranges structured finance packages for all kinds of vessels. 

Société Centrale des Caisses de Crédit Maritime Mutuel

Credit Maritime is administered mainly by the professionals of the maritime sector. 

The Societe Centrale des Caisses de Credit Maritime Mutuel is the key structure of the Credit Maritime network. 

The network includes 6 regional federations, 5 in mainland France (Region Nord, Bretagne- Normandie, Atlantique, Littoral du Sud-Ouest and Mediterranee) and one in the Overseas Territories. 

With a total of 135 branches and a staff of 650, Credit Maritime has been part of the Banque Populaire network since 19th October 2004, with BPCE as its central body. 

Credit Maritime provides finance for the whole fishing and fish farming sector, and has accumulated wide experience as a finance provider for commercial ports, yachting, camp sites and businesses in coastal areas. 

Société Générale CIB

For over 30 years, Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking (SGCIB) has been a major shipping finance provider with a large international arrangement and advisory capability. 

Having its teams of asset finance experts present in the main international financial centers, especially Paris, London, New York, Madrid, Singapore, Hong Kong, Milan, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, … has allowed SGCIB to acquire a detailed knowledge of local environments enabling it to support its customers in their development. 

Particularly active in the container ship, gas carrier and offshore sectors, SGCIB has developed close relations with more than a hundred international shipping companies, leaders in their markets, providing them with innovative solutions that meet their specific needs. The range of products offered by SGCIB draws on all of the bank’s specialized financing methods including standard mortgages, limited recourse finance, leasing, export credit, derivatives, merger and acquisition advice, etc. 

Other leading companies specializing in asset based finance and advice for the shipping sector:

Chalus Chegaray & Cie

Chalus Chegaray & Compagnie supports the companies it invests in by providing services that empower them to focus on their strategic core businesses. 

With a comprehensive product offering including communications, human resources, marketing, digital marketing, piloting of information systems, accounting, legal, and management control, the investment company Chalus Chegaray & Cie brings to businesses what they need in order to develop. 

Longstanding experience in maritime insurance has placed its senior managers firmly on 

the map in logistics and maritime transportation. 

As partners to talented entrepreneurs for over 20 years, Chalus Chegaray & Compagnie 

has built impressive skills which it provides to SMEs that join its network. 

Proximit y, dynamics and strength… more than a mere financial investment, a long-term commitment! 


A financial analysis and financial engineering company, FIMAR specialises in shipping finance (more than 70 vessels, merchant ships, cruise ships and ferries, sea-river ships): 

  • Structured tax-lease products 
  • Finance packages for the Overseas 
  • Syndication of investors, corporates and individuals 
  • Management (back-office) of nominee companies created for each vessel. 


Subsidiary of BRED Banque Populaire Group, FIPROMER offers to maritime actors tax leverage solutions of financing, such as tax lease or French overseas tax advantage. 

Thalocea Capital Partners

Thalocea Capi tal Par tner s is a fi rm of consultants (advice on investment funds, portfolio management, M&A), which also provides information and strategy papers on subjects linked to the various opportunities offered by the marine economy (marine resources and marine renewable energies). 

Apart from organisations that finance structured assets, there are those that manage funds specialising in the development of companies providing value-added maritime services: 

ACE Management

Specialising in high technology sectors with applications in the aerospace, marine and maritime industries, defence and safety, ACE Management, a private equit y company established in June 2000, manages 7 investment funds representing around E 450 M: 

Aerofund (I, II and III), Sécurité, Financière de Brienne and the Atalaya fund dedicated to investing in Maritime sector. This fund launched in July 2010 is invested in by industrial leaders (DCNS, Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, GICAN) and institutional investors bpifrance, Crédit Coopératif, SOPER and French Regions (Pays de la Loire, Aquitaine).