Marine insurance

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With a market share of 4.8% in 2013*, French marine insurance companies were still among the leaders of a large independent international market (turnover of 34.2 billion dollars in 2013 - source: IUMI), insuring transporters and operators in international trade against the financial consequences of incidents involving their ships ("hull") and the goods they carry ("cargoes"). 

In 2013, French marine insurance maintained the same percentage of premium income for goods transported (5.1%) and was relatively steady in hull insurance (4.1% in 2013 against 4.5% in 2012). Unlike some major markets, i.e. “protected” directly or otherwise (USA, Japan), or with large domestic fleets (Scandinavia, Italy,...), French insurers have expanded their underwriting activities abroad. 

The activities of French marine insurance companies, which actively support the international development of their French customers, extend well beyond the domestic market. These companies help to provide cover for nearly a quarter of the tonnage of the world's merchant fleet..

The French insurance market is: 

  • internationally focused: risks underwritten abroad represent 80% of the total. 
  • quality conscious: the fleets covered are selected with extreme care. And no new policy is accepted if there is any doubt as to the quality of management. 
  • powerful: full loss cover up to E 150 M per unit. 
  • reliable and creditworthy: the legal solvency ratios required are among the highest in the world, and are strictly monitored by the authorities. 
  • creative and flexible: governed by French marine insurance law which gives the parties flexibility and protection (favourable to the insured as the burden of proof regarding exclusions is on the insurer), the French international hull insurance package gives ship owners many advantages. 

Adam Assurances

Established in 1833, Adam Assurances S.A.S. is a marine insurer based in Bordeaux, an underwriter acting for first class insurance companies on the French market and a specialist in marine and transport insurance throughout the world. 

AXA Corporate Solutions

With 1,500 employees and a global network that covers up to 150 countries, AXA Corporate Solutions is AXA’s entity dedicated to providing large corporates with Risk management and insurance for Property & Casualty and Specialty markets - marine, aviation, space - as well as international claims management and associated services. 

We are focused on diversifying our activities in terms of 

geography: emerging and mature markets 

segments: large and corporate, and various trade sectors 

products & services: innovation in enlarging our offer through Parametric Insurance, A.R.T./ Captives and Cyber risk cover, etc. 


Proximity to our clients is key wherever in the world. 

We serve our clients through subsidiaries, entities and dedicated teams in the Arabian Gulf, Australia, Austria, Brazil-Latam, the Benelux, China, France, Germany, Hong-Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Morocco, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK and United States. 


Set up in Trieste in 1831, the group has expanded across all insurance areas to now support more than 65 million clients worldwide. 

Today, Generali is one of the main international financial services groups. In Europe, the group positions itself as the first Life insurance company. 

Generali operates through different types of insurance intermediaries: tied agents, salaried salesforce, brokers and partners, but also direct sales companies in Italy and in Germany. 

The group offers in addition an international coverage for assistance products through its subsidiary Europ Assistance. 

Corporate clients enjoy three specific dedicated structures Global Corporate & Commercial, Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) and Europ Assistance-Global Corporate Solutions which provide customised insurance solutions to over 1,000 multinational companies. 

Generali is also financially strong as recognised by the main rating agencies: 

• Moody’s        Baa1 

• Fitch             A- 

• AM Best      A 


Helvetia France is part of Helvetia Group, a Swiss insurer active in the life, property and casualty and reinsurance business and operating in 5 European countries. With over 7,000 employees, Helvetia Group insures more that 47 million clients in 6 markets: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and France. The Standard & Poor's rating for Helvetia has been upgraded in 2013 from “A-“ to “A”. 

With a turnover of EUR 207 million at the end of 2014, Helvetia France is clearly positioned as a specialist on the Marine and Transport market, mainly thanks to an organization based on 8 fields: 

  • ship owners, 
  • port activities, 
  • fishing, 
  • inland craft, 
  • pleasure craft, 
  • cargo, 
  • carriers and logisticians, 
  • casco. 


Raets Marine France

RaetsMarine group, founded in 1993 and present in France since 1999, is a specialist P&I insurer with a strong focus on client relations, risk management and claims services. RaetsMarine offers Shipowners’P&I, Charterers Liability, MultiModal Liability and Marine Defence at fixed premiums. RaetsMarine has a global client base with head office in Rotterdam and subsidiaries in Paris, London and Singapore. 

RaetsMarine has a total staff of 120 employees and operates as a P&I center of competence within Amlin Group. 

RaetsMarine has endeavored to exceed its clients’ expectations by: 

  • investing time and energy in getting to know their business in depth, 
  • taking a holistic, ‘full service’ view, providing not only tailor-made insurance but also free advice on how to minimize or avoid risk, 
  • dealing with claims flexibly, pragmatically and efficiently, 
  • working transparently, with fixed premiums and firm agreements, 
  • acting proactively and decisively in the client’s interest, 
  • responding to all enquiries within 24 hours, 
  • providing all clients with an equal level of service and attention. 

It is this approach that has enhanced its clients’ commercial success, enabling RaetsMarine to be a valued partner throughout the shipping industry. 


Economic Interest Group providing services to member companies, bringing together French and foreign companies in the marine and transport insurance business. 

CESAM is a unique professional organization with no equivalent anywhere else in the world. Its aim is to help its members to develop their economic activities by providing them with technical, administrative and financial services supported by IDE system “Optiflux®”. CESAM is also heavily involved in the management of events dedicated to the Marine and Transport Insurance Market such as the annual “Transport Insurance Forum”. 

The 7th Rendez-Vous de L’Assurance Transports held in Paris on 5th and 6th May 2015 at the Maison de la Chimie, which brought together over 600 delegates from 40 countries, discussed the major infrastructure projects evolution and new international trade routes. Several representatives of major international industrial groups, investing in transport infrastructure, exposed the economic and logistical issues associated with these projects and their impact on international trade. 

Insurance professionals, specialized service providers and shippers involved found again the opportunity to meet and talk about this issue and its impact on the tomorrow’s transport. 

Photographies and videos of speeches are on line on CESAM Website. 

The French market offers a “hull” package which was developed by the FFSA, in close collaboration with Armateurs de France (ADF) and the Union des Courtiers d'Assurance Maritime et Transports (UCAMAT). This package, updated on 1st January 2012, is available in a French version and an English version. The “hull” package is aimed at all merchant ship owners and operators throughout the world. It offers clear and extensive guarantees and has been designed to reinforce the French model of claims management. 

Fédération Française des Sociétés d’Assurances

French marine insurers belonging to the FFSA (French Federation of Insurance Companies) meet under the Transport Insurance Committee (COMAT). They are constantly improving the insurance terms they offer in France and abroad, and play a key role in risk prevention 


A P&I policy is a third party policy which covers ship owners (and charterers) for liabilities they may incur in regard to the ship’s crew and other third parties, and for ship owners’ liabilities related with goods transported, oil spills, collisions, damage to fixed and floating objects, fines by the authorities, etc. 

The policy includes legal assistance provided by P&I Correspondents such as: 

France P&I

Acting as correspondent for hull underwriters and P&I Clubs all around France and in French Speaking African countries, France P&I is more specifically a service company specializing in prevention, legal/contractual counsel and analysis, as well as the handling of maritime disputes of all sorts for the account of French and foreign maritime operators, marine underwriters and P&I Clubs. Founded almost 15 years ago and composed with in-house lawyers with experience and proficiency in both French and English maritime laws, France P&I is the only French service provider offering specialized legal outsourcing in maritime law and transports law. 

McLeans SA

Member of the McLEAN group, McLeans SA is the P&I Correspondent acting for the P&I Clubs of the International Group and other P&I Insurers in France and the French overseas territories. Through its subsidiaries the Group has an important P&I activity in the Maghreb countries (McLEANS-TMCS, McLEANS-ALPIS, McLEAN MARITIME MAROC, McLEANS MAURITANIA), in Africa (WAMS) and is also present in Greece (SHIPSERVE INTERNATIONAL). 

With its strong team of maritime lawyers, the McLean group has been a major player in the Marine & Transport Insurance Industry since 1973. 

Marine Insurance Broking

Marine insurance brokers negotiate risk cover with insurance companies. In particular, they negotiate ship related risk cover on behalf of ship owners, and cargo related risk cover in behalf of shippers. They act as an intermediary placing risks on behalf of customers (hull of course and risks associated, in terms of volume and accidents, mainly with relatively high cost high frequency goods transport) and sometimes even on behalf of the insurer The French market is composed of some major players who are also CMF members, most affiliated to UCAMAT, the Union of Maritime and Transport Insurance Brokers (see below). 


UCAMAT is the professional body for marine and transport insurance brokers. 

UCAMAT stands up for and promotes the special interests of the profession. It exercises a consolidating function through joint projects and undertakings. 

UCAMAT holds discussions with all professional organisations of the marine sector with the principal aim of helping to innovate and improve insurance guaranties. 

It is the representative body of marine and transport insurance brokers with public authorities. 

Marine Insurance Brokers


A leading insurance broker in Monaco and throughout Africa, long-established in 23 countries, the ASCOMA Group develops insurance solutions tailored to the requirements of the shipping and yachting communities. 


Cap-Marine is a leading marine and cargo insurance broker. 

The company produces approxima tely E 70 million of premium. 

Placings for the account of its clients are made with the main marine insurance markets: French, English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Korean, Japanese markets. 

I t s customer por t folio consist s mainly of shipowners, operators of specialised vessels, leading industrial or distribution firms, trading companies, freight forwarders, private and mutual insurance companies for which Cap- Marine is placing reinsurance. 


Crewsecure is an insurance broker specializing in the provision of insurance solutions for seafarers and sea-workers in line with the MLC2006. It was set-up in Marseille-France in 2008 and it is also established in Geneva-Switzerland since 2012. Its clients are ship-owners, crewing companies, industrial companies with offshore activities. It offers risk management services and insurance programs including for employers’ liability, professional liability, D&O, employees’ health, life, salary compensation, repatriation, K&R. This offer extends to international retirement plans. Crewsecure works with leading insurers and claims management companies to provide security and first class services to its clients and policyholders worldwide. 

Filhet-Allard Maritime

• French leader in Marine and Transpor t Insurance, 

• 90% of the turnover comes from our international activity, 

• premium income: E 80 million / Revenues in 2014: E 13 million, 

• over 80 employees between Bordeaux, Geneva, Abidjan, Angola and Asia, 

• experience and expertise since 1895. 

Groupe Eyssautier

The Groupe Eyssautier is a French marine insurance broker established since 1816 and independent again since 2013 with worldwide offices strategically located (Paris, Marseille, Geneva, London and soon Dubai). They make available to their clients a team of 55 professionals specialized in marine & transport insurances. In 2014 they produced EUR 72.8 million in premiums and in total EUR 10.4 million brokerage on all lines of marine related business. 

The pragmatism and solution focused approach of Groupe Eyssautier allows them to solve any Marine and transport related challenges faces by their clients. This “client orientated” strategy has allowed the company to establish strong long-term relationships with them. 

Being specialized in Marine and transport insurance and built upon their reputation Groupe Eyssautier has also access to all major insurance markets worldwide, including the Lloyd’s of London since 2005 with a unique broker accreditation. 

Whether you seek insurance for very large operations on a worldwide basis or if you have more specific local needs for smaller business, Groupe Eyssautier commits himself to providing you with the same exceptional service, regardless of your size. 


The full range of marine and transport risks are covered by GUIAN, backed up by specialists in hull, cargo and related liabilities and a long tradition of brokerage. 

Among its traditional capabilities that have earned it an excellent reputation are: 

  • blue and brown water, 
  • fishing industry, hull, cargoes and liabilities, 
  • construction risks, 
  • logistics, ports and terminals, 
  • gas industry: hull and cargoes, 
  • offshore and subsea activities. 

It provides a full range of brokerage, administrative and claims handling services worldwide. 


SEASECURE, dedicated Marine Insurance Broker, is established in Marseille and Geneva since 2008. 

It provides innovative, reliable and competitive insurance solutions designed for the Shipping, Chartering and Trading industries. Its offer includes the following lines: P&I, Hull and machinery, Loss of Hire, War Risks and Piracy, Marine Cargo and Professional Liabilit y. SEASECURE develops solutions with leading insurers to meet the needs of each client.