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In 2006, at an informal meeting of the Economic and Social Council, which became a “constituent” meeting (see section " Downloads”…on this website), Francis VALLAT, the founding Chairman of the CMF, stated in substance that the initiative to create the French Maritime Cluster was a gamble, and that this gamble would only pay off if three conditions were met:

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Maritime schedule

22 November 2016
Groupe synergie "Grands fonds marins"
18 October 2016
Groupe Synergie "Energies Marines Renouvelables"
06 October 2016
Groupe synergie "Grands fonds marins"
13 September 2016
Buffet Networking
09 September 2016
Atelier Cybersécurité maritime CMF / GICAN / Hexatrust
30 June 2016
Groupe synergie Grands fonds marins
15 June 2016
Atelier Cybersécurité maritime
27 May 2016
Groupe synergie Planification des espaces maritimes
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